Gutter Maintenance Tips to Avoid Emergency Roof Repair

Your property is comparable to a human body. Everything is interconnected. Similarly, this is also how your homes or commercial building works. The roofing has the crucial role of protecting the whole structure which is then supported by other parts particularly your gutters. In today’s blog post, we will take a look at how caring for your gutters affect the overall performance of your roofing. If you do not want to end up with costly emergency roof repair, read on and find out how you should care for your gutter system.

How Gutters Affect Your Roof

Gutters are often neglected as they seem to be insignificant especially during drier months. If you ignore your gutters’ needs, the results will bounce back not only to the gutter system itself but also to vital exterior elements like the roof. This happens because your gutters are an extension of your roofing. Hence, you also have to give it the proper attention to avoid creating bigger damages.

These are some of the common gutter problems that bring negative repercussions to your entire roofing situation:


Gutters can accumulate debris over time which can cause clogging.

This is probably one of the topmost common gutter issues. Gutter systems are prone to clogging because of their open channels. All kinds of dirt such as twigs, leaves, debris, and many more could easily get through these openings. If they get stuck for a long period of time, it will result to clogging. If unresolved, water will not be able to pass through. When water overflows it could spill over and soak other areas of the property like walls, basement, etc. In extreme cases, water could cause sagging that damages areas where gutters are attached to including parts of your roof. If you do not address clogging, it could potentially require emergency roof repair.

Water Leakage

Leaks are easier to spot than other gutter damages. For one, you can visibly tell if there is a water leakage coming from the gutter system. You can also discover leaks after a rainstorm. Although there are minor leakage situations, they should not be taken lightly. If you notice signs of leakage, do not hesitate to contact a reliable local roofer who can access hard to reach areas with the appropriate tools. Similar to clogging, when water penetrates siding and roofing areas, it can cause complicated damages.

Improper Gutter Installation


At Silver Leaf Contracting LLC, we always emphasize the


importance of proper installation. Poor workmanship and use of substandard materials are the two main reasons why gutters deteriorate much earlier than expected. If your gutters start to show signs of aging and deterioration, they have the tendency to fall apart and sag. These problems expose your roof to more damages. Same goes for rusting and corrosion which could also make your gutter attachment points loose and unstable.

Gutter Maintenance Tips

Gutters are exposed to external elements.

Before you even begin, always remember that your safety is the main priority. Gutter jobs require extensive training and a specific skillset, thus, it should only be handled by professionals. Do not put your own health at risk. Seek assistance from a trusted gutter company so that you do not end up with more issues.

If you want to protect your house or commercial property, these are some of the gutter maintenance tips you need to implement:

Schedule Regular Inspections

Knowing the right timing is the first step into maintaining gutters and downspouts in their optimum condition. Experts would normally recommend performing maintenance procedures at least twice a year — after spring and late summer or early fall. However, timing can vary depending on your location and overall weather condition. It is always best to seek advice from local gutter contractors for accurate recommendations.

Scoop Out Debris

Using a ladder rested against a sturdy wall, you can reach your gutters and check if there are unwanted items stuck inside. With a pair of thick gloves, carefully scoop out debris. Usually, you will find leaves and sediments. Most of the time you can easily take them out of the gutter. However, you could also create more damage to the gutters and downspouts if you do not consult experts beforehand.

Flush Gutter

Flushing water down your gutters and downspouts will help clear out dirt and blockage. It is also one way to check if the water flows down the drain correctly or if there are unnoticed issues that need your attention. Note that these are only initial steps that you can do to make sure that your gutter system is working fine. If there are more complicated damages, have local roofers inspect your property at the soonest possible time.

Clean Downspout Surroundings

You can find downspouts close to the ground as they lead water to proper drainage, away from the structure. Because of their positioning, they are prone to soil dirt and also exposed to other external debris. Make sure to clean downspouts’ surrounding so that it won’t accumulate dirt that may block the water flow. It should always be free from twigs, leaves, soil, and all kinds of debris.

Final Words

As a residential or commercial property owner, you have a million things to attend to on a daily basis. While you are busy with normal operations and daily activities, do not forget to plan for your gutter maintenance. This is to ensure that you maximize its performance and also keep your roofing in great condition.

Cleaning and maintaining your gutters are important to keep your entire property safe. There are instances when gutters issues are left unresolved leading to unwanted emergency roof repair. Do not let this happen to you by regularly consulting local professional roofing experts.

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