How Does Storm Damage Affect Your Massillon Roof

While you may think you would be able to tell when there is something wrong with your roof as soon as the damage occurs, this is not often the case. Unfortunately, in Massillon, we get our fair share of storms, which means there is a lot of potential for roof damage. While you may be able to see some of the damage from the ground, there is a very good chance that a storm could cause damage that you know nothing about. This could result in you finding damage long after it happens and long after the time when it was appropriate to file an insurance claim. This is why it is imperative that you have your roof inspected often.

At Silver Leaf Contracting, we have a team of professionally licensed and certified roof inspectors who can come take a look at your roof and the shape it is in after any sort of inclement weather. We know precisely what to look for so that we can identify any potential problems and take care of them before they become worse.


When it hails, the amount of damage that is done to a roof can vary greatly. Since hailstones can range in size so much, you could have dime-sized indentations in your roof or you could have a gaping hole. While extreme damage from hail is not likely, the roofing membrane can become compromised fairly easily when a hail storm occurs. This is never something you want to happen as it will allow water to begin slowly seeping into your home. If our area is experiencing persistent hail, the granular surface of your shingles could also be removed. This surface protects your home from UV rays and prolongs the life of your roof and therefore is imperative to keep in good shape if you are not wanting to replace your roof anytime soon.

Severe Winds

More often than you think, strong winds will blow shingles off a roof. The worst part about this is that it is difficult to know when this has happened by simply looking up at your roof from your lawn. If left untreated, water from storms that will happen in the future can damage the interior of the roof and cause the decking to rot. This means that eventually, water will begin to leak into your home.

Strong winds can also cause the sealing strip on your shingles to lift or break. If this strip is not present, water and ice are able to get under the shingle which will result in mold growth, leaks in your roof or damage to the plywood, drywall and/or insulation.

Snow, Ice, and Sleet

We get our fair share of snow, ice, and sleet in Ohio, and when it becomes excessive, the sheer weight of snow can have a major effect on your roof. You also have to account for blowing snow and small frequent snowfall as well. Whether it’s the weight of snow or ice buildup that is causing your roof problems, you can bet that a roof inspection is beyond important after this sort of weather occurs.

Heavy Rain

If our area experiences a heavy downpour, this too can wash away the granular surface on your shingles, as well as damage the sealing strips. Additionally, if the temperatures drop and the water freezes, the roofing materials may easily expand and then crack. Your entire roofing system could be compromised if this sort of water damage occurs. It will also likely cause mold growth and a leaking roof in the coming years.

Fallen Trees

Trees falling down during a storm is not something many people consider when they think of potential storm damage to their roof. After all, your roof should be able to stand up to the weight of a branch or two, right? Unfortunately, all it takes is one branch hitting your roof at a certain angle and all of a sudden a hole can exist in your roof. Even if it is a small hole, it can turn into a much more serious problem over time.

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