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The siding of your house – Does it actually serve any purpose in addition to boosting your home’s aesthetic appeal? Siding has a great role and that is to shield you and your loved ones from harsh weather elements.

Other benefits of siding include the decrease in your heating and cooling expenses, a cooler and more comfortable indoor temperature, and pest prevention.

For this reason, homeowners must choose siding in Massillon and Canton OH, based not only on design and color but also on durability and reliability.

If you’re here because you need a new siding for your home, you’ve come to the right place. Silver Leaf Contracting is ready to meet your siding needs. We’ve established a great reputation among Massillon and Canton Ohio homeowners especially when it comes to professional roof repair in Canton Ohio.

Superior Siding To Beautify And Protect Your House

As you already know, siding serves as the “skin” of your house to protect everything inside it. Signs that indicate that you need a new siding are the following:

● Increase in heating and cooling bills
● Cracked or loose siding
● Growth of fungus and mildew
● Dry rot
● Fading and chipping paint

Here at Silver Leaf Contracting, we install a new siding. We provide unique kinds of siding materials. Check them out below.

Vinyl Siding

This siding is by far the most common choice among homeowners. What are the benefits of vinyl siding in Canton and Massillon OH? Vinyl siding comes in a varied selection of colors. Homeowners can prefer horizontal or vertical panels depending on their style preference.

If you have old wood siding, our quality vinyl siding also makes a good retrofit option. It definitely costs cheaper than aluminum siding and is also low-maintenance. Interested in vinyl siding? We will present you with plentiful choices to help you pick the best one. In addition, as one of the best roofing and siding companies in Canton Ohio, we’ll install that siding the best way possible

Aluminum Siding

Another popular choice is aluminum siding. Do you need quality aluminum siding? Know that this type of siding is very durable. We can easily install it within one day. If you want to paint your siding, you’ll be able to do it with aluminum. Painting is not possible with vinyl. You can consult with our professional siding contractors in Canton OH.

In case the siding of your Massillon or Canton Ohio home gets damaged, you can conveniently replace the affected sections. Like vinyl, aluminum comes in vertical and horizontal panels. Perhaps the only downside with aluminum siding is that it is prone to dents.

Fiber Cement Siding

Our third excellent siding option is fiber cement. It’s the most recent siding in the market and is designed from recyclable materials. If you’re wondering what it’s made from, it is composed of wood, sand, and cement.

We’ll guide you through the process of selecting the best fiber cement board siding for your residential property in Canton or Massillon. For country style houses, fiber cement board siding looks stunning since it mimics the appearance and feel of natural wood. Also, it resists cracking and termite infestation.

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Hire Silver Leaf Contracting To Install Your House Siding In Ohio

Got a new home or a home that needs updating in Massillon Ohio? When you hire Silver Leaf Contracting to install your new siding depending on your material of choice, you can trust that we provide great customer service.

For more information and to get a free estimate today, contact us at 330-313-0620.

Our Home Owners Say

A man and a woman in black suite and white gown

“Silver leaf contracting is ran by a man who doesn’t make moves not only like a business owner… he puts on the shoes of a homeowner which makes his reliability off the charts!!! Definitely would recommend silver leaf to anybody who wants to turn over a new leaf to a better contractor with A better warranty.”

Mike Jones • Home Owner
A man and a woman with a child

“This was the first time we ever had damage to our home from a storm and we weren’t sure what to expect. Spencer and Josh originally came to our door and we were skeptical, at first. Ater talking with them about the process, we felt confident that these were the people we’d like to work with. Josh and his team are very professional and made the process as painless as possible for us. We would definitely recommend this company!”

Jackie Schneider-Furniss • Home Owner
A man with blue cap taking a selfie

Silver Leaf Contracting did an amazing job on my home due to the damage it received by the April storm. Josh and his crew made the process very simple. He is very knowledgeable and explained in great detail what needed to be done. He and his team were very professional and finished their work in a timely fashion. I highly recommend Silver Leaf Contracting for your needs as well.

David Duvall • Home Owner
A woman carrying a baby

We called Silver Leaf following some storm damage. Josh got back to us right away, and our roof was replaced the next week! He worked with us to fix the necessary repairs within our budget. Everyone was very courteous on phone, text, and in person! I hope we never have storm damage again, but if we do we will definitely be calling Silver Leaf Contracting!

Amy Downer • Home Owner
A woman taking a selfie

Josh did a fantastic job working with our insurance company, taking the time to explain every level of the process with us. He and his crew were very professional, polite, and the clean up was exceptional. They got our old roof torn off and the new one on in a day. The partial siding and gutter replacements were also done in a very timely manner. I loved that he was easily accessible by phone at all times and happy to answer any questions we had. It has been a true pleasure working with this company and I will highly recommend them to family, friends, and neighbors.

Angie Christian • Home Owner

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