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Slate Roofing Contractors in Massillon, Canton Ohio

Advantages of Slate Roofing

If you’re looking for a roof that is both high quality and extraordinarily durable, a slate roof is the top choice on the market. Slate roofing in Canton Ohio has an abundance of positive features. It is a natural stone product and produces a unique, sophisticated look that will last for many, many years.

A favorite among older homes, a slate roof requires a solid, well-built foundation, but once installed, the slate roof can last for over a century. When looking for a new roof, slate is an appealing option due to its stylish and sophisticated appearance.

Slate comes in an abundance of color and design choices that most customers don’t realize. This allows you to get the exact look you want with the strength and stability of slate.

Slate roofs are built to last for over a century when newly installed on your home. In fact, if the roof is properly constructed and routine maintenance is performed, there is no reason a slate roof can’t last 150 years or more.

When you consider that an average roof needs renovation every 15-20 years, it’s obvious that a slate roof will give you many more years of use than a traditional construction.

Slate roofs are damage-resistant when it comes to traditional rain and hail, which limits your need for services for roof repair in Canton, Ohio.  

In addition, did you know that a slate roof is also incredibly flame resistant? When compared to traditional shingles or planks, slate roofing in Canton Ohio has a big advantage in guarding against fires caused by lightning, wild fires or faulty electrical work. Not only is slate more durable, protective and appealing, but it is also one of the most environmentally-friendly roofing types on the market.

Asphalt and shingle roofing has to be replaced every 15-20 years. That waste can quickly accumulate in landfills and cause a very large environmental footprint. A slate roof is built to last for over a century, significantly reducing the amount of waste that is produced when a roof is replaced.

Slate Roof Repair and Maintenance

For centuries, slate roofing has been prized for its durability and beauty. The gorgeous, multi-tonal hues in slate tiles add dimension and depth to any home. Generally speaking, slate roofs are extremely resilient to weather damage and can last the lifetime of your home.

The longevity of a slate roof depends primarily on the type of stone being used, and the proper placement and overlap in regards to the pitch of the roof. Should weather damage occur, slate roof repair should be executed immediately to prevent further water damage or damage to the shingles.

You should always contact professional companies for slate roofing in Canton, Ohio with ample experience. Indeed, repairs can be costly. Furthermore, it is difficult for inexperienced roofers to repair slate roofing without damaging additional shingles.

In this light, only look for roofing contractors in Canton, Ohio with essential slate roofing installation experience to ensure the lifespan, durability, and curb appeal of your premium slate roof!

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