The Complete 2019 Canton OH Roof Inspection Checklist for Homeowners

It’s easy to overlook having a roof inspection. True enough, your roof material can last for decades. In fact, they can last up to at least two hailstorms before you need to replace them.

However, a once-yearly inspection helps you get ahead of potential roof problems. If you have no idea how to perform a roof inspection, this is a guide you’ll definitely need.

The Complete Roof Inspection Guide

  1. The Full Roof Inspection Checklist (9 Items)
  2. How Much Does a Professional Roof Inspection Cost?
  3. Why Undertake a Good Roofing Inspection? (5 Items)

Everything You Need to Check for a Full Roof Inspection

Cracked Roofing Caulk

It’s possible you’ve had roof inspection for insurance once. Then, you used a caulking gun to seal the small damages you saw during the examination. Over time, you felt it prevented leaks from happening.

However, its condition might not be similar after a year. If you haven’t checked on your roofing caulk, you might find them cracked due to heat or changing temperatures. True enough, caulk isn’t a permanent roofing repair solution.

Flashing Rust Spots

Flashing is the metal panels attached to your chimneys and other roof structures. Their objective is to create a leakproof seal that prevents rainwater and snow from infiltrating your underlayment. If they fail to function, then leaks are likely to happen in your home.

Rust reduces the grip of sealing caulk along your flashing. Over time, the caulk will loosen its grip causing a crack to form along the rusted areas of flashing.

skylight vent flashing inspection

When flashing along chimneys and skylights rust, you can expect leaks to occur on your roof.

Curling, Blistered, or Buckled Shingles

You won’t need to worry about this section if you’re trying to estimate your slate roof inspection cost. These descriptions are symptoms that you have a shingle roof approaching its critical aging point.

True enough, you can always remove and replace these troubled shingles. However, if they’re all around your roof in huge masses, then consider having a professional replace your roof completely.

Missing or Broken Shingles

If you find some missing or broken shingles especially right after a strong storm, consider having your roof replaced. Missing tiles are indications that the rain has compromised your roof underlayment, which will need replacements too.

True enough, this is a clear indication of severe roof damage. You will need professional help for any repairs or replacements you’ll need.

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Fascia, Gutter, Skylights, Chimneys, and Vent Conditions

The fascia of your roof holds the gutter system together. Meanwhile, skylights, chimneys, and vents are potential rainwater infiltration points that require extra attention.

Therefore, each of these roof structures you must inspect thoroughly for any signs of damage. You can perform simple repairs for minor damages but might have to call professional help for severe signs.

Some signs include damaged fascia, poor gutter alignment, and pulled flashings.

fascia inspection of residential property

The roof fascia is where gutters attach themselves. These can rust or deteriorate over time.

Roof Valleys

While it sounds impossible, water can pool in areas along high-sloped roofs. If left unattended, the weight of the water can puncture the roofing material and infiltrate your roof underlayment.

If you see pooled water on the valley of your roof during your final roof inspection for the year, remove the standing water and ask a roofing contractor for remedies that will prevent pooling from happening again.

Moss Masses On The Roof

Massive moss growth is a sign that the roofing material on your Canton OH property is decaying. Clay and slate tiles and asphalt shingles have these symptoms as they approach the end of their durable lifespan.

While you can clean them out, they can still grow right back. This is a sign of severe roof damage and an indicator to replace your roof as soon as possible.

Colored Grit in Gutters

During your roof inspection, you might see small grit right inside your gutter drains. This is a sign of roof material erosion and a common symptom of asphalt roof damage in Canton OH. Often, this is a clear indicator that your roof material is approaching its life cycle end and needs replacement

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Internal Ceiling Discoloration

If this happens right after a storm, it is a clear sign of roof infiltration leading to severe leaks. However, to know if your roof is leaking before a storm, you can run the garden hose on top of your roof. Then, have someone else check the internal roof condition during the process.

If any rust-colored moist or dampening spots show up, it is a clear sign your roof needs professional leak repairs.

How Much Does a Professional Roof Inspection Cost?

Did you know that roofing inspections aren’t always free? True enough, many reputable Canton OH contractors offer a free inspection and estimate. However, in some cases, you might find someone paying $200 for a comprehensive roof inspection.

Does the price affect the quality of roof inspection? Sometimes, contractors can use advanced methods to find every bit of problem a roof can have. Therefore, they may charge for materials and equipment instead of their inspection services, which might affect its price.

Why Should You Undertake Roof Inspections?

Natural Material Aging

All roof materials will decay and age over time. Therefore, getting ahead of this situation helps you save enough to commit finances without denting your budget. A small timely inspection can help save any roof and financial plans.

Roof Maintenance and Protection

Natural maintenance requires an efficient roof inspection. True enough, the importance of roof inspections is to give you early warning signs that you need to repair or replace your roof.

Heavy Storm Damage

You’ll definitely want to assess the condition of your roof right after a strong storm. In doing so, you can call a roofing contractor and conduct repairs or replacements right away.

Leak Assessment

Leaks are a huge problem because they will accelerate roof deterioration if left unattended. Therefore, an inspection reveals these problems early giving you enough time to address them effectively.

Proper Drainage

Poor gutter flow and standing water will result to both roof and property damage. A poor-performing gutter system can stain your sidings and weaken the property foundation. On the other hand, standing water will penetrate your roof material and cause leaks in the future.

contractor about to start with his routine roofing inspection

Only have professional contractors check and provide roof services for your property.

Wrapping Up

Anyone can conduct an effective roofing inspection. However, if you’re looking for accurate results, always consider working with professional roofing companies such as Silver Leaf Contracting.

We are a decades-experienced contractor with the right knowledge and veteran workmanship who can inspect and provide superior residential roofing services. Silver Leaf’s contractors are confident in delivering the roofing inspection and service you need.

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