2018 Roof Cleaning Checklist for Canton Homeowners

When is the best time to do your general roof cleaning? For Canton residents who experience humid summers and cold winters, there’s a window for it. As the snow melts down, right before it transitions to a hot weather, that’s when it’s more convenient to perform roof cleaning.

The spring season is associated with all kinds of cleaning for homes, offices, rooms, etc. Hence, the term “spring cleaning”. Right after the long and cold winter, you’ll have time to step out, enjoy a warmer temperature, and declutter whatever needs to be organized.

For your roofing, actually, cleaning should be an all-year-round practice. While there are more forgiving months to do it, the process still depends on your location’s specific weather conditions. Only a professional roofer should be able to determine precise timings for it. Just a general rule of thumb, for whatever roofing-related dilemma you may have, always consult an expert before you take matters into your own hands. This is for your overall safety and for the guaranteed success of any roofing project.

Roof Cleaning Checklist

If you already have a schedule in mind, what’s next? Roofing is one of the largest surfaces of your property. It extends from end to end, thus, it cannot be considered as an easy-peasy job like how you would clean your lawn. Plus, remember that there are different types of roofing. They are unique in their own ways, hence, always seek professional assistance as there’s no exact template for roof cleaning.

man wiping dirt from the gutters.

A man cleaning parts of the gutter system.

To guide our Canton-based readers, we prepared a checklist of the most important things to remember when doing a roof spring cleaning. Read on below…


After how many months not minding about your gutters, by now, it could have accumulated a good amount of debris. This isn’t possible as gutters are usually exposed to external elements like twigs, dirt, leaves, etc. During winter, there’s a chance for ice dams to build up if you don’t check on them as soon as you can.

For some, they would need a sturdy ladder to access most parts of the gutter. This is possible but should be done with extreme safety measures to avoid falling or any accident. In minor cases, homeowners can scoop out or pick-up debris on their own especially if there’s not much. You can also clean the downspouts by wiping out visible stains or dirt. However, lack of experience and knowledge about gutter cleaning could create more problems.

Man cleaning dirty gutter

In some not too severe cases, homeowners can personally scoop out dirt from their gutters.

Aside from the dirt that you can find, make sure you pay attention to its overall condition. Meaning, there shouldn’t be any sagging. All the hooks should be attached accordingly. If you notice something unusual or if it simply looks unstable, don’t wait any longer. Call a gutter expert immediately.

Roof Shingles

Your main goal is to identify which areas need to be cleaned. In doing so, you also have to inspect the roof itself. Most residential areas have shingles in various forms. While these are known to be durable and weather-resistant, they aren’t immune to potential damages.

Apart from picking up debris and brushing off dirt, take notice if there are missing, curling, or stained shingles. For missing shingles, try to locate where the displaced shingles are so that you may dispose of them properly. Leaving them lying around can cause injury. Stains, on the other hand, could be a sign pointing to water damage. While you can simply wipe them off or pressure wash them if you can, it’s not always advisable. First, it could damage shingles that are still in good condition. Next, there’s a professional way to do it. If you’re concerned about these issues, better report them to your roofing partner.

man uses a pressure washer to clean the roof

Here’s a photo of a professional roofer as he pressure washes the dirt from the roof. (Not everyone should do the same as these workers undergo years of training.)


As you inspect your roof, keep an eye on plant growth in the form of molds, mildew, fungi, etc. These aren’t just foul-smelling or unpleasant to look at. They are also harmful to your health. As they creep their way down to interior walls, they could release toxins into the air you breathe causing allergies, asthma, and other illnesses.

Nearby Trees

If you’re located in an area surrounded by tall trees, then you should include them in your checklist as well. Trees are advantageous for families as they act as a natural shed. They also help freshen up the air, along with other great health benefits. However, as a homeowner, you should watch out for hanging tree branches that could land on your roof. When they go unnoticed, these branches could puncture the surface.

a house with surrounding trees

Here is an example of a residential property that is surrounded by tall trees. If left unnoticed, the branches could reach the roofing area and potentially damage it.

It’s a good practice to regularly trim branches that reach over your roof so that it wouldn’t threaten your property’s integrity. Take note that trimming requires heavy equipment especially if we’re talking about large and tall trees. To make sure that is properly handled, call for help from experts who do not only have the right tools but also have the skills to do it.


Attic area is probably one of the most neglected parts of the house. It’s not visible to your eyes on a daily basis. A lot could happen in your attic. Sometimes even if you don’t see it on your ceilings and walls just yet, issues could begin at this area. Hence, it should very well be part of your roof cleaning checklist. When you check the attic, look for signs of water damage. You may inspect the smell to know if there are molds starting to proliferate.

The Bottom Line

It’s technically called spring cleaning because it gives homeowners the perfect window to perform procedures that aren’t possible during winter. For your roofing, you don’t have to focus on the roof itself. There are other parts of the house that are involved in roof cleaning like the gutters and ever surrounding trees. Some parts of the roof and your house as a whole require more intensive work in order to restore it to its original condition. If you find yourself confused or you think that the problems are too serious, don’t hesitate to reach out for professional roofing services.

Make roof cleaning a hassle-free experience by working with the Silver Leaf Roof Contracting LLC team. We are a bunch of well-trained roofers ready to attend to your needs. Let us know how we can help by calling this number: 330-935-9027.

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